Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School!

The boys are back in school! Last week they had orientation and yesterday was their first day. They both love their teachers and were so excited!
Here are some pictures from orientation.With their girlfriends...Reagan and Sloane.
Since I don't have a daughter, I have adopted Sloane...she is literally like a third child to me!
Ashton was not very fond of taking a picture with his teachers, but he warmed up fast and gave them a hug and kiss goodbye!
Ash with his teachers, Ms. Kelly (left) and Ms. Bobbie

First day of school!
Of course Ash fell running out of the grocery the day before and scraped up his face!
They are both growing up WAY too fast :(
Only 1 day into the school year and Ash is already sick! YUCK!!!!