Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm getting ready for Easter! I love my basket and plastic eggs! I take them out, then put them back in, I take them out, then put them back in! AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!

And this is my puppy dog that daddy bought me for Christmas that I wouln't have much to do with then....BUT NOW...HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!! I carry him all around the house and he is 3 times my size!!!

Here I am at Gammy's house after I threw one of my temper tantrums because I didn't want to leave the rocks!! So they left me in the field!!!!

MY FAVORITE NEW TOY!!! I now have a car that I can actually drive by myself!! Thank you uncle Ky! I don't know how to turn the steering wheel yet so I just go around and around in circles!!

Oh and my sandbox!!! I love my sandbox!! I just keep piling the sand high on my lap!
I'm a MESS!!

WHO YOU CALLIN' SHRIMP?Thank you Uncle Brent & Carl for my t-shirt from Charleston!