Monday, September 17, 2007

Please Mom & Dad...don't make me go to SCHOOL!

Here is a picture of Leyton on his first day of you can see he is not too excited. He cried and cried the first day but he is doing much better now and seems to actually enjoy going!

Here he is hanging out in his tent at home!

He loves this truck Aunt Susie got him...he loads it up, dumps it and on and on...

Trying to push daddy off the couch!

And here he is cutting the grass with daddy...he loves this! He follows daddy with his bubble lawn mower!

Bad boy in a box!

Eating his favorite.....POPSICLES!!!!

Having a blast playing outside with Uncle Ky!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I know it has been a while since I have posted a new post but my life has been pretty hectic lately. Excuse the tons of pictures but I just have to catch everyone up fast!!

Leyton and I flew to San Francisco to see my brother for a couple of days. It was such a gorgeous was quite cold and windy....but I have to say it beat this Texas heat!

Doesn't he look so grown up here!!!!!!!!!
Hangin' in the room watching Little Einsteins!
With Uncle Ky in Square Union.

Leyton loved the sea lions....well maybe not as much as me!!! I thought they were so cute and very entertaining!

Here we are in was absolutely gorgeous there. The weather could not have been better!

We had a picnic at this was so neat and Leyton loved running around barefoot!

Up to no good.

Two peas in a are Leyton and Tyler watching the first LSU football game!! As you can see Daddy has Leyton all geared up!!

And here is Leyton scoping out his new classroom at his meet and greet the teacher day...he starts school on the 7th and we can't wait to see how he does. He could have cared less that we were here this day!

And here is the famous cracked tooth!!! It adds character don't you think? The dentist says it has to stay this way until it files itself down!!!