Friday, December 4, 2009

Houston Winter Wonderland (for at least a day)

All week, the weathermen have been telling us of a possible snow fall for today...Glenn couldn't contain his excitement! The Weather Channel was on 24/7 in the Thibodeaux house. Well they were right...we woke up to snowflakes this morning and it snowed the entire day! Our area had the most snow and it was the earliest snowfall in Houston history along with a 4 inch blanket throughout our neighborhood. We had a blast and here are some pics of our "snow fun" to share with you all. Enjoy!

Backyard Winter Wonderland!
Santa went down during the storm! 2 1/2 inches by mid afternoon and still falling!
Lunch anyone? How about some snow? Mimi came to visit just in time to enjoy our surprise! Glenn was busy rolling bases for Snowmen!Not too shabby! Glenn took the kids to sled down the neighborhood hill!

Logan was so excited!

Leyton with his snowball maker we got in Vail last Christmas.

Mimi thought she was visiting Washington instead of Houston
Sleighed out!
The neighborhood kids built this snowman earlier in the day. Ash was not too sure of this ice cold weather!
Leyton was grabbing a snack from old man winter!

Mr. Speed demon on his bike.

Check out Ash in the background on this picture...he wanted to cut the grass!

Ash hated when the snow hit his face...time to call it a day! What a beautiful site!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Month In View...

Sorry it has been so long...I can't believe it has already been a month since my last post! Where does the time go??? Here are some pictures of the boys to catch up from the last month!

My little chef

Playing at the park

Playing with moon sand with their cousin LoganCutie pie
Leyton was a charging buffalo in his Thanksgiving parade at school.
Ash in his fireman hat that he got from school when the fire trucks came to visit.
Sweet brothers
Leyton and Logan having their first cup of hot chocolate of the winter season!
Ash is always up to something...
Movie night!
Gammy and all of her grandchildren at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving night we went to get our Christmas tree...the boys had so much fun.

Ash loved hiding from us...not so funny!
They even got to help trim the tree!
Leyton has been DYING to build a gingerbread house, so Gammy bought him one and after our tree hunting, we came home to build it!
Logan was a big help!
and Ash liked the icing!
Logan, Leyton and the finished product!