Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sorry it's been so long!

Sorry it has been so long...we have been extremely busy!! Mommy says she will try harder to keep up with my blog so all of you out-of-towners can watch me grow!! This post is a little lengthy but I just have so much to show you!

My uncle Ky came to visit me from Malaysia at the end of April! We had so much fun! He is the best uncle ever and he quickly became my new best buddy! Thank you uncle Ky for the crawfish...even though I don't like to eat them yet, it was really nice of you to break the claws off of one so I could play with it! I really enjoyed your visit and I can't wait to see you in December! I love and miss you!

I am having a blast playing outside everyday in my pool and my sandbox. I love to be outside! I go back and forth from the pool to the sandbox a thousand times it seems and when it's time to go inside mommy just strips me naked and sprays me down with the hose!

OH NO MOMMY! Don't take a picture of me NAKED!!

I also like it when my friend Tyler comes to play! We have so much fun together! (yes, I can now be around other children and not cry! YEAH PROGRESS!) Here we are looking a little mischievous!


Now back in the POOL!

A day at the ZOO with the Weiricks!
Hey TJ whatcha lookin' at?

I loved the kids water park!

and now the goat....

What are you?

Okay...maybe I'll get a little closer...

Hey, you're not so bad....

In fact, I think you're kind of cute...

I think I'll brush your hair... look so much better now buddy! Nice to meet you!

I'm full of laughter!!

Another day in the sandbox!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Houma to see my cousin Logan dance in her dance recital. Logan you were great and I enjoyed watching you! You are so pretty! And Saje thanks for rescuing me out of the bar at Outback...I didn't know you had to be 21!!! You are growing up so fast! Look how tall you are to me!!!

And here is me with my Aunt Miklyne...I had so much fun with you and thank you for my toys! I love the bubble bucket...I don't go anywhere without it!! Oh yeah and thanks for introducing me to YOGO's...mommy can't keep them in the pantry with me around! I love you and miss all of you already!

And here is my newest own DYSON vacuum cleaner! I always want to play with mommy's so I decided to get my do I love to suck up dirt with this thing!!
Well that's it for now...hope you all have caught up!! Miss and love all of you!!