Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Children's Museum

On Saturday we took the boys to the Children's Museum...it was the NEATEST place EVER! We all had so much fun...I can't believe we have never been to this place! I have so many pictures on this post because there was just so much to do...and we didn't even do everything!
Leyton playing with some neat magnets.

Ash loved turning these pictures

Here was Glenn's breakthrough....he had a chance to act like a Meteorologist in front of the camera!While Dad was on air...Leyton was doing some research on the computer.

Here they are pretending to drive an ambulance
They even had pretend shockers inside the ambulance
Leyton driving the police carThis was the BEST...a pretend HEB! Leyton had a field day with this one...and so did his Dad!
For some reason he kept shoving fish into his shopping bag???
Can't forget the produce
and ice cream!

Ready to check-out!
with a little help from Dad
A stop at the ATM before we go to the vet!
Weighing his pretend cat
and checking out some xrays...hmmm...I don't think that is a cat???
A stop at the art gallery for a little painting
Here Leyton is at a pretend diner where he was the chef...although all he did was throw food into the pizza oven!
And yes there was even a whole floor for Ashton's age! Here is our little one exploring new gadgets

Glenn and I even got into the action at the invention station

A mind blowing puzzle for a 3 year old!
Golf ball drop
Here we are at the science station
Last stop was outside...water play!
I love this picture...even when busy playing...Leyton always stops and gives Ash a kiss on the forehead!

Ash screamed to get out of the water...he would have loved for us to just leave him in there!

Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Patricks Day (a week later)

I have been meaning to post these pictures from our St. Patrick's Day party...the kids had so much fun! I have so many pictures to post from our busy weekend...hope to get to those tomorrow!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I can't find the boys anywhere in the house....

why didn't I think they would BOTH be in the bathroom???

As you can see...Ash is never far from his brother!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rodeo Fun!

It is Rodeo time here in Houston and last week a couple of us took the kids for a full day of fun! They loved watching the chickens hatch out of their eggs

This year, unlike last, Leyton rode the rides! He had a blast!

After lunch the kids had ice cream...and as you can see Leyton enjoyed every last bit!

Wait let me see if I can get a little bit more with my hands...

Poor Ash was exhausted by the end of the day
Trucking it back to the car...it was a long and hectic day but well worth because the kids had so much fun!