Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A White Christmas!

Thanks to my brother Ky we were able to spend a whole week in a winter wonderland! We spent Christmas in Vail and we had the best time. It snowed every day and according to the locals...it was the most snow that they have seen in years! It was so nice to actually see snow falling on Christmas day! Here are some pictures from our trip!

The house that we stayed at.

Views from our house.

Snow fall after one night. Here is Saje in the back of the house....look how much snow!
Check out the size of this icicle!
Gammy made homemade ice cream for the kids and they absolutely loved it! They also enjoyed bringing snow in and playing with it at the table. Leyton's favorite thing to do was to eat the snow!
Ash in his highchair with a beautiful backdrop!Our first day out in the snow and Leyton is terrified! The snow buried his entire legs! He kept saying that he was sinking! He wasn't too happy!
Then he started to like it.

Again, eating the snow.
While the guys went skiing, the girls (and Leyton) built a snowman!

Leyton and his one and only LOGAN.
Uncle Ky and the kiddos.
Like father, like son.
Me and Miklyne
and me and Glenn.
Out and about in Lionshead...

eating snow AGAIN!
Riding in the gondola

It was a long haul up this mountain....
Glenn the avid skier.
Ky, Saje and Glenn in their ski gear!
Back down on the gondola

Snowball fight at the shuttle stop!
Christmas dinner
Uncle Ky and Ash

Crazy Gammy!

It was really cold....check out this man's mustache!
While us girls went out the guys made a snowman....which one is better?? I know, I know...the guys won!
Brotherly love...
Leyton and Logan loved the hot tub!
Saje and Logan
We went snow tubing one day and they pulled Leyton up first...he freaked out! Watch the video below.
He was screaming "MOMMY HOLD ME"
This is the hill we slid down.

He was better off sitting out on this activity!
Here is our Christmas tree that Miklyne and I carried all the way to our house! We made homemade decorations to decorate it!
Christmas Eve...
Santa even found us in Vail and dropped off a bunch of presents!

On Christmas day we rode snow mobiles...Gammy was so sweet to stay back with the young ones so we could let loose...

Well I let a little too loose and crashed and burned...Glenn wasn't too happy!

Ashton didn't get out in the snow too much but here are some candid shots of him...he loved it!

We even poured jello on top of the snow and then the kids ate it...yummy!
Both of my boys can't keep their eyes off of their cousin Logan...

Thank you Uncle Ky for a Christmas we will never forget! We had such a great time! We love you!