Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It was our neighborhoods annual "SNOW BLAST DAY" a couple of weekends ago and even though it was man made was 17 DEGREES outside and the snow stayed for 3 days after! Uncle Ky isn't used to this cold weather but he sure did get a LOT of it while he was here!
The kids had a blast sledding down the hill (and so did Uncle Ky).
Here he is going down with Leyton and his coffee!Daddy and LeytonLogan was a pro! They also had this bungee contraption that Logan was brave enough to try! Go Logan!
Leyton trying to go "solo"
After a long day in the snow we celebrated Ky's birthday and last night here in the states MEXICAN style!
These sugar packets are always a lifesaver in keeping Ash occupied!
Can't celebrate a birthday at a Mexican restaurant without the Sombrero!
Uncle Ky and the kiddos!
We surprised him with a cake at home after!
Happy Birthday Uncle Ky...we had the best visit and already miss you! Love you bunches!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas (Round 2)

Okay...for days now I have been trying to add more photos to this post but for some reason this system just doesn't want them on here are the ones that did make the download.
We headed back to our roots for a short trip for Christmas. We had a busy couple of days and it was so nice to see everyone. Sherrie and Bo thanks again for having us all was so nice to see the new is beautiful! I tried uploading pics from that night but was unsuccessful!
And thanks to Mimi and Poppy for all the cooking & hospitality! And of course a big thanks to Uncle Carl for making those yummy cake balls (that I have been having to hit the gym extra for!) and the famous "Mary's Gravy"! YUMMY!
It was also so nice to spend some quality time with Joseph...he is just a cutie pie and we just loved watching all of the boys play together!
Mimi with the Sarah Palin book....hmmmmmmmWho let Poppy go shopping to pick out his own jeans? Or is there a flood coming that we don't know about?Daddy's little boy.Uncle Brent was the "go to" guy when it was time to play with presents! This boy loves his Granny...and so do we!
Oh man...not another Gingerbread house...thank heavens Carl was there to help with these. Leyton is just obsessed with making them.
Or should I say obsessed with eating the icing! Oh yeah Carl...why are you not feeding Joseph icing like this?????????
My four year old just LOVES taking pictures let me tell ya!
Ashton wearing Joe Joe's size 4T pajamas...did I mention that he is only 1?
Joseph's eyes were glued, I mean GLUED to the TV watching the Polar Express.Proud Godfather
The End!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas (Round 1)

We had Christmas round 1 here before we headed to Louisiana for round 2...the boys really enjoyed all of their gifts from Santa this year. Leyton is at the age where everything that has to do with Christmas is so exciting to him...I just love to watch the joy and happiness that shins through his eyes!

Logan and Ashton

Uncle Ky flew in from Malaysia to be with us for Christmas. We have been counting down the days until he arrived...we miss him so much! Mutt and Jeff.... Opening presents with the familyAsh in his "Chef" attire he got from Aunt Miklyne
Miklyne and Logan
Never a dull moment when Saje is around...
Artwork by Gammy...Glenn was in "Heaven"
Gammy and Aunt Miklyne
My little monkey
Gammy bought the boys a new was a BIG hit!
Leyton leaving his picture out that he colored for Santa and milk & cookies.
Santa's delivery...
This is the one present that Leyton asked Santa for...a Lightening McQueen car case (he sleeps with it every night).Do you ever wonder what goes through a 1 year olds head at Christmas? They have to wonder as to why they are getting so many presents!
To Be Continued....