Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We took a little trip to Sea World and it was an adventure! We didn't get very many pictures, but here are a few. It was a VERY HOT and the boys were exhausted by the end of the day!

Of course we saw Shamu.

Our next goal is to get Leyton off of his paci...any suggestions? I figured I would conquer potty training first (and YES he is FINALLY trained) and then start with the paci! But I have to say it was the solution to a tantrum he threw, I just popped it in his mouth and he was quiet as a mouse (man am I going to miss that).

Ash was just an angel the entire day...never heard a peep from him.

Back at home, Glenn came down with a stomach virus so we isolated the boys in our room to try to keep the germs away!
Gammy brought Leyton a new craft...and look where it ended up.

I love these pictures of Glenn and cute!!!

Glenn and his little clone...any teeth yet??
my green little munchkin.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ashton at 3 Months!

Okay so I am copying Heidi and Carl's idea of documenting age to pictures! Great idea Heidi!

Well it is hard to believe that our little Ash is already 3 months old! Times flies by sooo fast! He is just the best baby ever. He is cooing, smiling and laughing all of the time....he brings so much joy to our lives. Here are some pictures and videos of our little angel.

By the way....I found a solution to not propping up his bottle with the is called a thing invited since sliced bread!

Here is his talking debut...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flash Back

Here are pictures from the last couple of weeks!

My friend Mirts came to visit and Leyton was smitten...everywhere Mirts went, Leyton was right there with her!

Leyton and Glenn cooling off at the pool...

And Ash cooling off with his fan!

There is a small airport right by our house and Glenn always takes Leyton to see the planes. It is ABSOLUTELY his favorite thing to can just imagine what kind of tantrum he throws when it is time to leave!

Ash after his bath.
Two peas in a pod (or bed)!

Glenn is already training Ash to LOVE LSU!
Happy 4th of July!
For the 4th we went with some friends to see the fireworks show that our neighborhood puts on every year. Leyton and actually even Ashton enjoyed them so much.

Leyton wants to ride his bike so bad...but he just can't quite get it yet...poor baby!