Monday, July 23, 2007

Leyton's first time bowling and first movie!

Here is Leyton bowling for his first time at Glenn's company picnic! He loved it! He was even picking up 8 lb. bowling balls!

He was so funny he would wait and wait for his ball to pop out!

My friend Melissa and I took Leyton and her son Tyler to thier first movie. They had a blast. Leyton thought he was such a big boy! Eating his popcorn and stealing mommy's diet coke!

This is Leyton's motto....DANGER: NEXT TANTRUM IN 5 SECONDS!!! His daddy found this t-shirt and the saying says it all...he has quite a bit of these lately!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cancun, Mexico

Well I am finally getting to post our pictures from our vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We had a great time and Leyton loved the beach and the pool! We had great weather and it was nice not having Glenn's cell phone ring for once! It was a great family vacation and we enjoyed ourselves so much. I have so many more pictures to post from the past two weeks...I will get them posted by the end of the week!

This was our first day there...Leyton went right for the water!

He loved playing in the sand...and burying mommy!

More fun in the sand!

He also absolutely loved the pool! He continuously filled his bucket and poored water out! He also stole drink cups to use as backup!

More beach pics!

We went into town one day and guess who was there? COOKIE MONSTER!

This was the view from our room! Leyton loved the balcony!

He also loved what the maid left him everyday...this was a turkey!

And here is the parrot...we went on a snorkel/submarine trip and we got to take a picture with this parrot before we left...and Leyton fell in love with him...he wanted to be by him the whole time and screamed when we had to move him away for others to take their picture. He has a temper let me tell you!

Cool dudes in shades!

The captain even let Leyton drive the boat!

Then they put us in these sombreros!
Our last night :-(

Bye, Bye Cancun...I'll miss you!