Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Month In View...

Sorry it has been so long...I can't believe it has already been a month since my last post! Where does the time go??? Here are some pictures of the boys to catch up from the last month!

My little chef

Playing at the park

Playing with moon sand with their cousin LoganCutie pie
Leyton was a charging buffalo in his Thanksgiving parade at school.
Ash in his fireman hat that he got from school when the fire trucks came to visit.
Sweet brothers
Leyton and Logan having their first cup of hot chocolate of the winter season!
Ash is always up to something...
Movie night!
Gammy and all of her grandchildren at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving night we went to get our Christmas tree...the boys had so much fun.

Ash loved hiding from us...not so funny!
They even got to help trim the tree!
Leyton has been DYING to build a gingerbread house, so Gammy bought him one and after our tree hunting, we came home to build it!
Logan was a big help!
and Ash liked the icing!
Logan, Leyton and the finished product!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun filled Halloween this year! First we went to a friend's house and let the kiddos trick or treat together! They had so much fun! Of course I couldn't even catch up with Leyton...he was sprinting from one house to the next. Ash was really cute to watch and he absolutely LOVED his candy!

My little Nemo and Spider Man!

Watch Ashton's head when Leyton takes off in this video...HILARIOUS!

Trying to get a picture with all the kiddos!

How cute is his tail?
After we stopped by my sister's neighborhood to do a little more trick or treating! They had a block party and the had all sorts of fun stuff for the kids.
My niece Logan and her two friends, Taylor and Ana.
Miklyne and Logan
Aunt Miklyne and Ash
Leyton daring to enter the haunted house!
Leyton loved making this cool Halloween GOO!

Aunt Miklyne and Leyton

Ashton was in AWWWAt one point Ash decided to plop down on some one's blanket and take a break!

Leyton and Logan
My little artist...he stayed at this table forever painting pumpkins!

Leyton had to bring his pumpkin that he carved (or should I say...put stickers all over) and his candy to bed...bucket and all!

My Lightening McQueen pumpkin I carved!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!