Monday, March 8, 2010

Monthly Catch-up!

Here is a LONG post with LOTS of pictures from the last month!
I volunteered at Leyton's Valentine's party at school. I had so much fun watching him and his classmates play games, eat cookies and dance! Although as you will see in the videos to follow, my little man is a little "WOMANIZER"...YIKES!
This was his "girlfriend" of the how he holds her hands in the videos!

Glenn and Leyton went to Louisiana for Mardi Gras while Ash and I bonded together at home. I heard Leyton had the time of his life catching beads and spending time with Mimi, Poppy, Granny and the rest of the family.
This boy loves his Granny!
Poppy and Leyton gathering goodies!
Poppy and Leyton
Mimi and Leyton
Daddy and his clone. Lovin' his King Cake.

Leyton and his Mardi Gras loot!
All smiles!
In February, we celebrated Aunt Miklyne's birthday (Leyton thought it was his and blew out the candles!)
My Mr. Messy.
We cut Leyton's hair short and he always wants to "SPIKE" it just like his dad!
Leyton started T-ball...his team is called the Angels! Look how cute and grown up he looks in his uniform!
Me and my Angel at Opening Day!

Kendall and Leyton

Check out his dance moves to "Put me in Coach"
After Opening Day at the baseball fields, we headed over to Gatorpoloza (Logan's schools carnival) and the boys had a blast playing games and spraying each other with silly string!

More pictures of Leyton and his SPIKE! Now this boy looks JUST LIKE his dad!

It is Rodeo time here in Houston and Leyton's school had Rodeo Round-up day. Of course Ashton had to have a hat just like his brother! (These were taken the night before)
And here is my little cowboy in his attire to wear to school!
Even though Ash was not having "Cowboy" day...he insisted on having his picture taken in a cowboy hat too!Round' Em Up...
Leyton eating his cornbread pancakes
Me and my little cowboy!

Leyton and Reagan
Leyton and Issac
Gammy came to visit this past weekend and the boys had a blast making peanut butter cookies with her! Ashton actually got the concept of pressing the fork into the dough to make a squared pattern!
Leyton was a pro!
That's it for now!