Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Leyton!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! We can't believe how fast 3 years have gone by...but those 3 years have been filled with so much joy and happiness from our little Leyton. He is so full of life and he keeps us on our toes 24/7! His favorite things right now are trains, cars, going to school, playing with his friends and playing outside! He is so much fun and we can't wait to hear what is going to come out of his mouth next!
He had a great birthday party...we went to Dewberry Farm and he and all of his friends had a BLAST! Here are some pictures from his special day!
Opening presents from Ashton.
His favorite present was his new train table! Thanks everyone who contributed! He absolutely loves it!

Blowing out his candles!

We didn't hear a peep out of this angel the entire day!
Picking flowers with his friends!

Ladies man.

Sliding with dad.

Our precious little pumpkin.

Enjoying a snow cone!

Riding the corn ride with Kennedy.

Ash and Daddy on the ride.
Of course it was a LONG day, but that didn't stop Leyton from wanting to open his presents when we got home at 9 p.m.!
Happy Birthday to our precious Leyton...we love you so very much!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ashton at 6 Months!

I can't believe our little Ash is already 6 months old! He is doing just great and growing just fine. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 19 1/2 pounds and his length was 28 3/4" - he is just starting to eat solid foods...his favorite right now is sweet potatoes and bananas!

This is how Glenn found him one morning when he woke up!

He had to try out Leyton's new bike!

We just had Leyton's birthday party and I will post those pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our little monkey!

Here are a couple of recent pictures of Ash...isn't he just adorable! We can't get enough of him!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Much Needed VACAY!!

Glenn took me on a much needed getaway for my 30th birthday to Cabo! We had such a great time and it was the best birthday present ever! Our friends Jamie and Jason came too, as it was their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Jason's Angels...
The boys were never far from our minds...
Glenn relaxing in the surf.
Here is Glenn reeling in his Mahi Mahi...after a long day of sea sickness!
and here is his fish!

Here I am reeling mine in...I still have bruises all over my legs from this one!

The boys stayed home with Mimi and a special visitor...Granny. I hear that Leyton has made a new friend for life. Granny is all that he talks about these days! Looks like they even took naps together! Too cute!
Granny even took them for walks!
And she also bonded with Ash!
Thanks Mimi for taking care of the boys! They had a blast with you!

Ash is starting to like his baby food now!