Thursday, September 18, 2008


Below are posts that I have been meaning to post. Sorry for the overload but I had to catch up all in one day! Hope you enjoy!

Leyton's Meet the Teacher Day and 1st Day of School!

This was meet the teachers day at Leyton's school. He had so much fun playing with all of the other kids...and of course all of the trucks!

Leyton posing with his new teachers...Ms. Kelly and Ms. Jo!
Check out these next couple of pictures...this is Leyton and his friend Reagan...he just adores her. He came up to me the other day and told me just out of the blue "mom, Reagan is so know that mom, you know that mom, Reagan is so pretty" he just kept saying it over and over.

As you can see they looked (and acted) like little boyfriend and girlfriend at meet the teacher day.

Look how she is hiding behind him!

At this moment, he was asking her if she wanted to go and watch Dora in the car!! (He had remembered that they watched Dora in the car one day when I drove them to gymnastics)
Too cute!
This was his actual first day...and this is the only good picture that I got...he wouldn't put on his school bag and would not take a picture! But boy was it different from last year....he just ran in and never looked back at me! Last year he cried, I was just horrible! It is kind of sad how fast he is growing up and doesn't depend on his mom and dad as much any more!

Boys will be Boys!

The boys are doing great! It is so neat to see their relationship starting to grow as brothers...they love each other so much! As you can see in this picture, I think Ash is going to want to do everything his big brother does and vice versa!

Two peas in a pod (or a stroller!)

Leyton insist on having Ash sit and watch him eat!

We tried to feed Ashton applesauce and as you can see he didn't quite like it!
Guess we will stick with the doctors orders and start solids at 6 months (so Uncle Brent and Carl keep sending formula!!) hee, hee! (and yes, Glenn told me to write this!)
This boy needs a haircut!
(yes, he has had a haircut by now!)
If you leave Leyton alone for just a minute with Ash...

this is what you return to...

Looks like they are up to no good!

How am I ever going to fuss at this cute face???


Ash at 5 Months!

Here is Ashton at 5 months (almost 6 months by the time I post it) and he is doing great! He is such a sweetie pie. He is laughing, cooing and loving his big brother so much! We are just having so much fun with him!

He is starting to sit up....for a second or two and then he crashes!

Ike, Ike Baby

Oh yes, Ike has come and gone and luckily our house rode out the storm pretty well! It must have been Glenn's good work at boarding up the windows! We are also very lucky to have electricity....all of our friends here in Sienna still don't have power! Here are the pictures of our house pre-Ike...we don't have any aftermath pictures but just imagine trees, fences, lights, and signs down EVERYWHERE!

This picture was taken 1 hour prior to losing our electricity...doesn't Glenn look exhausted!

Our little window unit that kept us VERY COOL! The funny thing is....Glenn and I thought you could just plug it in and sit it on a chair and it would cool. Thanks to my sister, she informed us that we had to put it in the window (HINT...WINDOW UNIT) for it to work! Thanks Miklyne for the heads up!
Poor Leyton...his little world was turned upside down for a couple of days. He didn't understand why he couldn't watch his TV and why he had to take a bath by candle light! Thanks to this portable DVD player he was able to watch his morning TV and give mom and dad a break for a bit!

And here is where Ash was most comfortable....swinging outside in the wind! (yes, this was AFTER Ike past!)