Saturday, June 28, 2008

So cute yet so different!

Here is a picture of Leyton at 2 months and Ash at 2 months....they look so different, yet they are so cute in their own little ways. So far their personalities seem to differ as well. I am just happy everyone is finally telling me that one of my children looks like me! We all know that Leyton is a mini clone of his daddy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures from the past two weeks.....

Leyton and Tyler having fun at a friend's birthday party.

Look at the smile on Leyton's face....he was having a blast.

Cutie pie.

Leyton has to be wherever Ash is....LITERALLY!

Practicing his "floating"
Ash loves his Bumbo chair... and so does Leyton.Check Ashton's face out!
Such love.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Uncle Brent called it....

Yesterday I took the boys to the pool and for some reason Leyton just didn't seem himself. I put him in the water (in a 1 ft. section) and went to feed Ash a bottle. Leyton stayed in the pool for maybe 2 minutes and then got out (which is odd for him since he loves the water so much) and crawled up into the chair with me. He fell fast asleep...I was trying to talk to him and he just shut down. So okay here I was feeding Ash and Leyton is sleeping on the side of me. I had to finish feeding Ash and then pack up and try to wake Leyton up. He wouldn't budge. I was wondering how I was going to carry both of them to the car by myself. Then a lifeguard (who was obviously aware of what was going on with me) so nicely offered to help me and carried Ash to the car while I carried dead weight Leyton to the car. When we got home I took his temperature which was 101, not that high so I gave him some Motrin and put him to bed. Then last night he was so sick and ran a fever of 104.5. We called Uncle Brent and he said it sounded like the Coxsackie virus. Today we brought him to Dr. Todd and she confirmed what Uncle Brent had said...Coxsackie Virus! The worst part of this is that there is nothing we can do...just Tylenol and Motrin and wait for it to pass. I can't stand it when my children are sick!!!!

Look at my poor little guy.

He got a free pass to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed!
On a better note....look how cute Ash looks in his pool gear! Hopefully he won't catch the virus!

Summer Days

When we go to play dates at my friend Jamie's house, she has this giant water slide that Leyton absolutely LOVES...I am telling you he went up and down this thing at least 100 times! Take a look at him in action!

Poor Ash....I bet he wishes he could go down that slide and cool off...I guess this fan will have to work for now.

I know this is a NO NO, but what else are you suppose to do when your 2 year old tells you he has to potty while you are feeding your infant? This was my only solution!

Leyton doesn't miss a beat when he hears the ice cream man coming down the street!

How sweet??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Potty Time

DAY 1Day 1 was full of accidents and screaming "I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON THE POTTY", after hours and hours of fighting him just sit on the potty, I thought this wasn't going to work...he is just not ready. So I threw a diaper on him, left him with Glenn and went to get a pedicure! After dinner that night, for some odd reason he told us "IT'S COMING", we were like what's coming? He said my PEE I rushed into the bathroom with him and YES HE DID IT.....and ever since then he has been using the potty....well for number 1 that is....number 2 is a different story....we'll have to continue to work on that one....any suggestions????
He was amazed when he finally caught on.
and very happy to be getting a treat every time he goes!

Baby Cate

To all of my friends and family.....I hope this story touches each and every one of you as it did me.....
I recently found out that an old friend of mine gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Catherine Francis Cantrell (Cate). Baby Cate was born with an enlarged heart as well as three areas that did not form properly. Baby Cate is now 7 months old and she is here at Texas Children's Hospital for her first heart surgery that is. I am writing to all of you to take some time to follow this story through her father's blog at - I am telling you, once you start...and you must start with the first entry back in November will NOT be able to leave your computer. I sat for 2 hours last night just reading every word that this father has written about his daughter's journey. This is like a mini-book that you can't put down. But MOST IMPORTANTLY I am asking that all of you keep them in your prayers....they need all they can get at this point. This story has reached all around the world and people from everywhere are keeping up with it, posting comments and praying for the Cantrell family.I can't tell you all how much this story has touched me....something just came over me after sitting at my computer for 2 hours last night reading word for word this whirlwind of a story. Baby Cate's father, Charlie, a devout Catholic, really writes in a way that will not only touch your heart but keep you on pins and needles about Baby Cate's journey. This story will have you crying, laughing and most importantly restoring your faith. Like I said they are at Texas Children's Hospital right now and Baby Cate's situation is not looking so good as of yesterday (as you will see when you read the blog). PLEASE PLEASE pray for Baby Cate, and her family and PLEASE take time out of your busy schedules to read this one post a day if that's all you have time for (but you won't stop once you start), and if you choose not to read it, just please pray for them.
Thanks and love to all,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aunt Miklyne and Logan's Visit

Here are the pictures from Aunt Miklyne and Logan's visit 2 weekends ago that I have been meaning to post. We had such a great visit and Leyton just adored his cousin Logan...he would not talk or listen to anyone but her. I am telling you he was IN LOVE with her!! She was such a big help! Thank you Logan for being a great babysitter! She also got to feed baby Ash for the first time.
And since Leyton was only giving his attention to Logan, Aunt Miklyne really bonded with Ashton, she said he is just the best baby ever! (He is really good I have to admit!)
After a long trip to IKEA, we took a chance at going to dinner at Pappasitos....boy was that a brave move...Leyton was everywhere, including laying all over the floor in the waiting area. We decided to sit outside in the 100 degree heat to wait for our table and Leyton had a strawberry drink to cool off that made him super hyper! He even wore Logan out!
Why do they always have to pick "RED"????I told you he was "IN LOVE"....
On Sunday, Aunt Miklyne was so nice (and brave) to take Leyton and Logan to the neighborhood pool...she had her hands full because Leyton was crazy about the water...he didn't want to get out. He threw a huge temper tantrum (imagine that) when it was time to leave but he had a BLAST! Thank you Aunt Miklyne!

While they were at the pool - Ash and I had some peace and quiet!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ashton at 2 Months!

Ashton is now 2 months old and he is doing great! He had his 2 month check up and Dr. Todd said he is just perfect. He weighed 13 1/2 pounds and his height was 24 1/2 inches long! He is growing so fast! He is such a cutie...he is cooing and smiling all the time...he melts our hearts!

Leyton is still loving being a "BIG" brother...he just adores Ash! (Yes this picture was taken before his bo bo!)