Monday, February 19, 2007

Hope you all had a HAPPY VALENTINES!!!

Hard at work!!

MAN...I really wish I could ride on this!!!

I'm such a HAM!!!

My new thing...I like getting on the coffee table! A NO NO!! But I still find a way up there!!

I love when Daddy rides me on my bike....I cry and cry when he stops. We go around, around, and around the house! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Waiting for SPRING!!!

I'm BACK!!!

Sorry it's been so long...I have been stuck inside with this miserable weather we have had!!! I can't wait until Spring so I can play outside all day long!!

This is one day when it was pretty and mommy took me outside to play. As you can see I was busy cutting the grass for my daddy!

And then this day my mom went inside to grab the camera and I decided to take a plunge into the sandbox (WITH WET SAND!!) Boy was I a mess....but I had a blast!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep in touch!! Love you all!!!