Saturday, November 18, 2006

After seeing Hollie & Heidi's blogs I decided I better start one! This way all of our family and friends from out of town can be in touch!! Hope all of you are doing great! Leyton is 13 months today and he is keeping us very busy! He is going through a "I don't like other kids" phase and I hope it ends VERY soon. For some reason he screams bloody murder when he is around children his age!! Other than that he is doing great! Just getting bigger and bigger by the day. Some of his favorite things right now are:
Favorite Foods: mandarin oranges (I can't tell you how much he loves them!), chicken, meat, hot dogs, oatmeal, string cheese, yogurt, potatoes, and any fruit imaginable!! He HATES vegetables!!
Favorite Toys: he loves BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!!, anything that stacks into each other, his Tow-Mater truck, his fridge farm, and all of mommy's plastic containers!!! Oh yeah and my strainers...he can't be in the kitchen without taking them out!!
Favorite Things To Do: he LOVES swinging on his new swing set, taking baths, opening the garage door (by the button on the wall), throwing food from his high chair, taking stuff out of our bathroom and hiding it around the house, unfolding mommy's newly folded clothes, playing peek-a-boo, playing ball, Baby Einstein DVD's (he's hooked!), listening to music and he still loves ELMO!!
He is just so much fun right now...we couldn't imagine life without him!

Glenn just finished taking his last part of his boards and we are so happy to have daddy back home - we missed him bunches!!
I hope all of you are well and check back...I will try to keep this updated!
The Thibodeaux's